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Useful Tips for Controlling Algae

What is Algae?  Algae is a naturally occuring form of life found in drinking and swimming pool water.  Our job as pool professionals is to control algae growth while maintaining safe water to recreate in.  Balancing the swimming pool water is the goal of the swimming pool professional.  Below are some tips and suggestions that can help keep your swimming pool in pristine condition and help control pool algae growth:


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The Swimming Pool Triangle

Without one side of the triangle, it will collapse.
Algae will grow.

  • Always enter the pool as clean and lotion free as possible.  It may sound good to jump in immediately after mowing the lawn, but this is a big introduction of bacteria (sweat); and grime (grass and dirt).  Both are food for pool algae.  Consider showering off first.
  • Control and monitor bather load.  High bather loads use up available chlorine.
  • Never interrupt the run cycle of the pool pump.  Aquatec Pool Service sets timers according to National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) standards for Florida pools.  The pool pump and filter must run for the required time it takes to clean the water.  It's a good idea to run the pool pump longer if using the pool after the pump has turned off for the night.
  • Consider installing a salt water generator.  These generators add a continuous flow of chlorine to the swimming pool.
  • Keep the deck area as clean as possible and remove any algae growth that is growing on the deck around the pool.
  • Keep plants and all plant material away from the pool area.  Plant material, if introduced to the pool, can add fertilizer and phosphates to the pool water.  Again, this is pool algae food.
  • Never - Ever - pressure wash or sweep the deck area around the pool directly into the pool.  It can be difficult to avoid but this can damage the filter and introduces a lot of debris that can stain the pool finish.
  • Suggest bathers use the bathroom facility prior to entering the swimming pool.  For children, suggest frequent bathroom breaks.
  • Never allow animals to swim in the pool.  This is bad for all concerned - swimming pool and animal.
  • Monitor the water level in the pool.  The water should be maintained 1/2 to 3/4 way up the skimmer box.  Letting the water level get to low can damage the pump and introduces air into the system.  When water becomes oxygenated it allows algae growth.
  • When adding water to the pool make sure there is no overflow.  Set a timer as a reminder to check the water level.  Adding too much water will greatly dilute existing sanitizers and chemicals.
  • Consider turning decorative fountains and water features on only during times of use or entertaining guests.  Water features add air into the system which encourages algae growth.
  • Finally, there are several environmental factors such as rain, sunlight, temperature, and humidity which are facts of nature in which there is no control.








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